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This book is written by Mike Geary who is a certified personal trainer and nutrition expert. This guide is the best selling online book on the subject of obtaining a flat stomach and six pack abs.

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Actual customer feedback:
"My strength and energy are also improving each week and I'm lifting heavier weights as I progress. Family and friends that haven't seen me in weeks can't believe how much leaner and slimmer I look now."
-program user

"When I started I was 190 lbs, waist 35 inches, bench was 165lbs. I'm now 175 lbs, with a waist of 33 inches, and benching 225lbs. Your full body workouts are some of the best I've ever used."
U.S. military serviceman

"Not only do I feel so healthy and vibrant, but I feel that I look younger now too! Its wonderful! I went from a size 14 to a 5. Weight wise I was around 190 lbs when I started and now I am 120 lbs. I’m so passionate about your book and style of nutrition... it's absolutely amazing... I don’t crave unhealthy stuff anymore...I have eliminated an insane sweet tooth."
-57 year old program user


This system isn't about sit-ups and stomach punishing exercises as you might expect. All of the exercises are taught by using step by step photographs. The emphasis is on home exercising. The program requires 2 to 3 days of exercising lasting about 30 minutes each day. Also disclosed are 55 foods that help to burn fat, and 2 foods that are prone to stimulate belly fat. The system is offered in two versions, one for males, and one for females.


The author is a nationally known fitness expert. The reports we received were overwhelmingly positive. The program is one of the top selling fitness programs being offered online. There is also an option to include Mike's nutrition plan with the book and most consumers found that to be useful. This program received our highest rating of 5 stars.


Product Details
Author: Mike Geary
Product Specs: Ebook. Immediate download.
Price: $39.95
Return Policy: 60 day refund policy

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