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This program is being offered by top selling fitness author Vince DelMonte. He was the 2005 Canadian Fitness Model Champion. He is also a regular contributor to Maximum Fitness and Men's Fitness magazines.

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Actual customer feedback:
"I had total respect for Vince because I was aware at what he had done in his career. His system is hands down the best on the market. I've lost 22 pounds of sloppy fat and added 10 pounds of muscle. My abs are killer. Thanks Vince!"
-My Space website

"Without the help of this Vince DelMonte plan I could never have accomplished my goals. I have actually exceeded my goals by far and I am now competing locally.  Vince gives you everything you need to do it yourself."
-fitness forum

"I always worked very hard for that rock hard six pack. I just couldn't get there. From this program I learned that I was going about it all wrong. Within 90 days I had my rock hard abs. This workout plan was the answer for me."
Squidoo website


This product is almost a bit overwhelming with the amount of information provided. It is laid out in a sensible sequence and is easy to follow. The vast amount of video instruction provided was a real plus for those using the program. It covers everything from the technical aspects of the exercises, to the nutrition and mindset required to meet your goals. The members forum is a friendly gathering of program users who are willing to provide each other with support.


The program seems to be a right fit for beginners as well as those that have been working out, but have had some trouble reaching their goals. The consumer reports were overwhelmingly favorable. Users reported that the video instruction provided and the access to the members forum made this program an incredible value. The average rating is a very impressive 4.5 stars.


Product Details
Author: Vince DelMonte
Product Specs: Ebook, meal plans, videos, online access, members forum. Instant access to all material.
Price: $67.00
Return Policy: 60 day refund policy

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