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Holly Rigsby has written an all inclusive guide for new mothers that are having trouble getting rid of their weight after a pregnancy. She is a highly credentialed fitness trainer and a former school teacher.

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Actual customer feedback:
"I am starting to feel like The Fit Yummy Mummy I desire to be. Within the first week I could feel that I was starting to tone up and slim down. In fact, I lost 2 inches in my waist in a little over 2 weeks and lost 2% body fat (5 pounds of fat). My tummy is starting to decrease in size and become more firm in just 3 weeks"
-program user

"I look and feel great! I can honestly say that I look better now at age 31 than I did at 21! I have been following the program for three months and the other day a gym member asked me if I could be her trainer. What a huge compliment for me!"
-product website

"After our third child, we had decided that was it. No more kids. I made a serious commitment to get my body back, and the Yummy Mummy course did it for me. I am firmer and more toned than I have ever been. It was hard work, but worth it."
-new mothers forum


This program is obviously designed for women who are needing to lose some weight after a pregnancy. The workout routine utilizes progressive phases which condition the body as the user proceeds through to the final 16 week advanced workout phase. Only 90 minutes a week are required by using what she calls "supersets". The course also contains information on nutrition by Dr. Kara Gallagher.


All the consumer reports we received claimed some degree of success from using this program. Many thought the optional videos were helpful, but were somewhat dissatisfied with their additional cost of over $100. The program did provide results for the users and rated a very respectable 4 out of 5 stars.


Product Details
Author: Holly Rigsby
Product Specs: Ebook. The program also offers an optional audio / video package. Immediate download.
Price: $39.95 or $147 with audio / video package.
Return Policy: 60 day refund policy

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