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This author is a mother of two that had been overweight for some time, and motherhood had made it even worse. Her self invented program resulted in her achieving a challenge she had issued to herself...competing in a bikini contest. This was a story featured on the Oprah show.

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Actual customer feedback:
"I wasn't looking to compete in any contests, I just wanted my shape back. At 40 years of age it wasn't getting any easier either. I made a commitment to this program after seeing it on Oprah. My results have been outstanding"
-wellness forum

"I had a very difficult time losing my stomach after my second pregnancy. I needed help in a bad way and I found that help through The Fitness Model program. I lost my tummy and my husband says I look better than ever!"
-program user

"My limitation of time always kept me from working out. This program caught my attention as something I could stick with, as exercising at home was part of the plan. It turned out to be a program that I could work with and it's paid off big time. At 40 years old, I am only 8 pounds heavier than I was in college!"
-program user's blog


This is a program obviously designed for women. The author is a highly trained fitness expert. Her story has appeared on many national tv shows. It is not a muscle body building program, but more of a muscle toning program. The plan requires four 45 minute sessions per week. The 150 page ebook contains photos of the recommended exercises. The program also includes her complete seminar on MP3.


Most of the reports we received were very positive. All of the reports were from females. Most people felt the program was well designed and something that just about anyone could have success with. This program may be priced to high for some consumers at just under two hundred dollars. The points deducted in the reports because of the higher price brought the average rating of this product in at 4 stars. Men should take a pass on this product and look elsewhere for a fitness program.


Product Details
Author: Jennifer Nicole Lee
Product Specs: Ebook, MP3's and bonuses
Price: $197.00
Return Policy: 8 week refund policy

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