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The credentials of this author include Certified Fitness Trainer, Kinesiologist, Health and Lifestyle Coach and Golf Biomechanics Pro. He claims to be one of only 37 trainers in the United States to hold all of these credentials.

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Actual customer feedback:
"I purchased this program because of the emphasis on reducing back pain. Many of the exercises are used to strengthen the spine and that has helped me immensely."
-Squidoo posting

"After using the program for two weeks, I am inclined to feel that it is designed more towards exercising the lower back and abs. I was looking for a more well rounded workout."
-fitness forum review

"While I thought the nutritional information was valuable, I found that the exercises were more for the beginner. I did find the photos of each exercise helpful, but would have preferred videos"
-program user


This is an ebook product which runs 180 pages long. It includes photos of the exercises suggested as well as some self tests that you can perform to determine the level at which you should begin. The program includes a menu of 44 exercises. He also offers his opinions on supplements and exercise equipment.


According to the reports we reviewed, many thought this was more of a program designed for those with back pain than an all around fitness program. The program also lacks sufficient instruction for cardio exercising which is a vital part of overall fitness. The average rating for this program came in at two stars.


Product Details
Author: David Grisaffi
Product Specs: Ebook and bonuses. Immediate download.
Price: $39.95
Return Policy: 8 week money back guarantee

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